High School

Welcome back

Summer holidays are over and it’s time to settle ourselves back to our routine. It’s time to encourage and inspire all kids going back to school. It’s a bright new beginning of another creative year of their school life. We look forward to getting elbow-deep in hands-on experiences, racking our brains as we expand our horizons and understanding, and engaging with both peers and teachers to help our community.

Hello, and welcome to the start of a new school year at Danville High School. Our return to school will be a welcome return to our traditional school, expanding and reinvigorating the Blue Devil spirit with exciting newness.

We are excited to introduce our new faculty and staff. As last year’s new staff, I know how welcoming our community is and I know we all will help them to feel at home here.

And finally, to our families: I am so grateful for you as we launch this new school year. Our community is fortunate to have parents and guardians who are as involved and deeply committed to their children’s education as our Blue Devil family is. Thank you for your patience and support, and for entrusting your children to us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out: my email is will.humphrey@danvilleschools.org and my phone number is 740-599-6116 x5217

This is an exciting time to be in education, full of new opportunities and learning for all of us. I am looking forward to a year when we all rise to this most unusual occasion to provide those things that are best for our students.

Go Blue Devils!

Will Humphrey

Danville HS Principal