High School

Hello Everyone,

I am Will Humphrey, the new Jr/Sr HS principal. I am excited to be here in this wonderful community. In my brief time here, I’ve met the nicest, most welcoming people. I have been in Knox County professionally as an educator for the past decade. In the classroom, I taught just about everything: Math, Science, Music, Social Studies. I have a curious mind and love learning.
I know how concerning these times we live in are. There is an old quote about some folks having greatness thrust upon them–I think this year will be that. Even though 2020 has been a doozy,  this school year will be great! But it is a decision we have to make, and it is a work ethic that we have to maintain.
I know all of us to care deeply for our kids and families. There are many people struggling through both the virus and economic hardships. Here at the Jr/Sr HS, we see and hear this. We have faith that together we can move forward. I am excited to have kids in the building! If families need to choose Remote Learning, please feel free to reach out to me. I am confident in our district plans to be exactly what families need. I am excited to work with you. My email is will.humphrey@danvilleschools.org.
Robert Miller is our Dean of Students. His email is robert.miller@danvilleschools.org and he will be helping kids through any discipline issues. And, Cynthia Durbin is our amazing guidance counselor. She’ll be helping kids through their schedules and so much more. You can reach her at cynthia.durbin@danvilleschools.org.
Let us know if you have any questions! Let’s have a great year!
Go Blue Devils!

Will Humphrey, High School Principal