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PELIA- Positive Equine Learning In Action
PELIA- Positive Equine Learning In Action

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This week in Language Arts we will be learning about plural and singular nouns.  We will begin our biography project. Each student will research a person of their choice.  They will be responsible for creating a presentation using the iPad app called Telligami.  We hope to be able to share those out when we are finished.

The students will also read A Growing Interest in our Treasure textbooks this week.

Our spelling words for this week are the following:

  1. airplane
  2. daytime
  3. birthday
  4. daylight
  5. notebook
  6. birdhouse
  7. sometime
  8. someone
  9. newspaper
  10. sidewalks
  11. hairdo
  12. barefoot
  13. headlight
  14. basketball
  15. stagecoach
  16. age
  17. city
  18. gentle
  19. somebody
  20. handwriting

We will have our test on Friday, March 6.


We are looking at how energy changes.  In the next several weeks we will be investigating how energy changes and performing several experiments to understand the different concepts in this unit.


We are working on our multiplication facts and division.

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