School Resource Officer Warns against TikTok “Devious Licks” Challenge

The Danville Police Department was recently made aware of upcoming monthly TikTok School Challenges posted on social media. The particular stand out, was the challenge to “Smack a staff member”.  That is very concerning to us.  No matter how innocent you may think it is to “smack” a school staff member…it is not!  It is a crime of Felony Assault.  Not only can a student be disciplined by the school, but they can also be charged and arrested for a criminal offense.  Parents can read about it themselves at

Simply stated, if a student knowingly or recklessly assaults a teacher or other person employed by the school while they are performing their official duties, they just committed a Felony Assault.  The school and Police Department will promptly investigate the matter and hold all participants accountable.    

For students; please be responsible using your social media and understand your actions can lead to consequences if they are irresponsible and disrespectful.  This also includes the use of your social media to harass, bully or post inappropriate videos and pictures of other students.  

For parents; please take the time to talk with your student and impress the importance of respectful and responsible decisions concerning the use of their social media, and participating in “challenges” that yield potential criminal charges and school discipline.