With the upcoming renovations to the high school building, unfortunately, we no longer have the storage for out of date or under-utilized books.   Included in this collection are old, rare & original Fiction and non-fiction, including the following categories:  Ridpath Library of Universal Literature: (1899), Time Magazine (1964-1982), Reader’s Digest Magazine (1940-1986), and National Geographic Magazine (1913-1986), Historical Records:  The Congressional Record (1916-1919), American Statesman (1881-1900), The History of the World War (1914-1920), among other Historical Record Volumes. You can also find many classics by authors such as Zane Grey, Charles Dickens, and Mark Twain.

At the March 19th and 24th parent-teacher conferences, the library will be open to parents, students and the community to browse the library and select any books that you may be interested in adding to a home library.   If you would like to set up a time prior to these dates to browse the shelves and make selections please contact Julie Brinning at or call 740-599-6116 ext.  5250