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A Message from the DLS Superintendent

Greetings!  I hope everyone is excited about the new school year as I am.  I would first like to thank the Danville Board of Education for giving me this opportunity and entrusting me to lead the district for many years to come. I also appreciate the support and encouragement that many of you have already extended to me and my family.  It is an exciting and surreal experience to return to Danville Local Schools as your Superintendent after graduating from here almost 25 years ago (class of 1993).  

Growing up in this community and having the support from family, friends, teachers, coaches and community members gave me the strength and resilience to be the  leader and a contributing member of society that I am today.  Even though I have been gone for many years, I have never forgotten where I came from and have always looked forward to coming home to serve the people who once served me as a child, student, athlete and young adult.  It is awesome to see many of my classmates and teammates who have become very successful and worked hard to maintain the community.

My mission as your superintendent and a community member is to “preserve the past, promote the present and prepare for the future”. Our school and community may not have all the resources that many larger districts and communities have, but what we do have is the hard working, caring and supportive people. The most valuable resource that we have and always will be is our people and that cannot be replaced. It is not about resources, it is about us taking advantage of the resources and opportunities that we have.  What makes Danville unique and special in today’s world is the fact that it is true community of people supporting, encouraging and sacrificing for one another. That alone is worth coming home to and I intend to do everything I can to ensure the students and stakeholders have the same great experience I had as a student and athlete at Danville.  

Inevitably there will always be challenges for our school and community.  I believe with collaboration and support from all stakeholders there is nothing that we cannot overcome.  My door is always open to staff, students, parents and community members.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns or suggestions.  I appreciate all the resources that the community shares with the schools and students, but most of all I value and appreciate your time that you give to the school and community.

Thanks in advance for your continued support!

                                                                                 Jason Snively – Superintendent



Bullying Incidents 17-18 School Year Reported – 0