Reset and Restart Plan 2020-2021

Reset and Restart Last Revised: July 21, 2020

With the data that we have been able to collect from the survey that was distributed to every family enrolled in the district, the administrative and building leadership teams have developed preliminary plans to start the school year next fall based on what we know or anticipate at this time. These plans will be in effect for the first semester. We have taken the survey results, “reset and restart” guidelines and current orders of the Governor, Ohio Department of Health (OHD) and Knox Public Health (KPH) into consideration when developing these plans. Please understand all plans are subject to implementation and amendments based on further orders from the Governor, CDC and KPH.

Basically we have multiple plans with different pieces (defined below) based on what we know and anticipate for the fall. Plan two is only implemented in extreme situations. Final details of these plans will be determined and publicized by each building as possible. Please view or download the PDF below of the current plant (subject to change).