UPDATE: District News


Beginning March 15th (4th quarter), Danville Local Schools will return to a more traditional mode of operation for academics.  This means all students will be returning to school and they will be in session from 8:05 to 3:00.  Although operations will be more traditional, not everything will be “normal”.  We will still be taking safety precautions and following protocol to reduce the risk or spread of COVID 19. This includes the wearing of masks at all times except when eating or when social distancing is possible for physical activity such as physical education class and recess.  For further details and questions please contact the following administrators or directors:

Preschool Directorcris.dorsey@danvilleschools.org

K-6 Principaltara.bond@danvilleschools.org

7-12 Principalwill.humphrey@danvilleschools.org

Special Education Directormatt.proper@danvilleschools.org