Change of traffic notice for all parents and guardians 


• Drop-off time for car riders begins at 7:15 am at the west end of the K-2 building.

• The line for student drop-o begins at west side of K-8 parking lot.

• Follow lines/arrows around the parking lot to drop off at the west end of the K-2 building.

• Pull up to “stop bar” located just through the gate and dismiss your student to the door under the canopy/overhang.

• Continue to Richards street and make a left-hand turn only, yielding to buses.

• Students are to report directly to the cafeteria and wait for breakfast to be served


• Gates will open at 2:45

• Kindergarten (car riders) students will be dismissed to a vehicle at the west end of the K-2 building at approximately 3:00, parents should remain in their vehicle.

• All other car riders will be dismissed out the 3-5 hallway doors.


• The front doors will remain locked until 7:30 am, at that time walkers may enter the building for breakfast.

• After the buses have left (approximately 7:50 am) students may be dropped o at the bus loop doors.

• Parking spots nearest the building in the K-8 building are reserved for staff.

• Traffic is “one way” for pickup and drop-off.

• Students should exit the building immediately and go directly to a car to avoid holding up the line.

• Parents who have students that will be delayed from exiting the building or do not want to wait in the line may use the driveway near the KC Hall and park in the gravel lot near baseball eld, students should not pass through traffic the driveway near the KC Hall and park in the gravel lot near baseball eld, students should not pass through traffic and wait on the sidewalk adjoining the school building until traffic has cleared.

• After pickup, continue to Richards Street and make a left-hand turn only, yielding to buses.

Parental Objection To Immunization Form

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A Message from the DLS Superintendent 12/27/17


Being a graduate of Danville High School(1993), it is an honor and privilege to be the Superintendent of Danville Local Schools.  My mission as your superintendent and a community member is to “preserve the past, promote the present and prepare for the future” for all the stakeholders of our school and community. Our school and community may not have all the resources that many larger districts and communities have, but what we do have is a hard-working, caring and supportive culture. The most valuable and irreplaceable resource that we have is our people. Without the people and culture we have, our school and community would likely cease to exist.  From my experiences and observations, it is not about resources, it is about taking advantage of the resources and opportunities that we have.  

Inevitably there will always be challenges for our school and community.  I believe with collaboration and support from all stakeholders there is nothing that we cannot overcome.  My door is always open to staff, students, parents and community members.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, concerns or suggestions.  I appreciate all the resources that the community shares with the schools and students, but most of all I value and appreciate your time that you give to the school and community.

Thanks in advance for your continued support!

                                                                                 Jason Snively – Superintendent



Bullying Incidents 17-18 School Year Reported – 0