Powerlifting Meet: Rules

Powerlifting Meet: Rules

Weight Meet Rules

NO lifting aids permitted (bench shirts, lifting suits, wraps, etc) This is a RAW lifting meet. Also please instruct your lifters to bring their own chalk

Bench Press Rules

  1. The lifter may have help unrack the bar before beginning the lift and help racking the bar once the lifter has locked out both arms (and been given a “Good lift” call). The spotter can not touch the bar during the lift.

  2. The bar must be lowered to touch the chest, without bouncing, then raised back to the lockout position. Any uneven or unequal extension of the arms that is deemed a safety risk by the official will result in a miss.

  3. The upward motion of the bar can stop, but once it comes back down, the attempt will be disqualified.

  4. The lifter's hips and shoulders must stay in contact with the bench.

  5. The lifter's feet must stay in contact with the floor. A lifter may put plates under their feet.

Squat Rules

  1. The judge will give an “UP” call when a lifter has reached a parallel position.

  2. The lifter may have to help unracking the bar, after which they must come to a stationary position before beginning the lift. The lifter may have help racking the bar after the lifter has completed the lift. The spotter cannot touch the bar or lifter during the lift.

  3. The lifter must reach a position in which the knee joint is parallel with the hip joint.

  4. There is to be no contact of the elbows or upper arms with the legs.

  5. Any double bouncing at the bottom of the lift will result in a miss being declared.

  6. The feet must remain relatively stationary once the lifter has assumed a stationary position at the beginning of the lift, and throughout the lift attempt.

  7. The lifter must return to an upright position under control. The lifter must rack the weight under control.

Deadlift Rules

  1. The lifter must raise the bar to an upright position.

  2. The knees must be locked and the shoulders back.

  3. The bar can stop moving, but may not start back down. Hitching or walking the bar is not permitted, Leaning back and resting the bar on the thighs is not permitted.

  4. The lifter must wear soled shoes.

  5. The lifter must wait for the official to give the “Good” call before lowering the weight. The weight must be lowered with both hands on the bar in a controlled manner. NO DROPPING.

  6. NO SPANDEX, TIGHTS, LEGGINGS or SWEATPANTS may be used to cover the legs.

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