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Danville Local Schools provides all students with a standards-based education while differentiating instruction, implementing interventions, and providing feedback on standards-based performance to stakeholders to meet the needs as well as challenge all learners. The physical and social-emotional needs of all students are always a priority in educating the “whole child” to become a contributing member of the school and community.

Danville Schools is honoring the District’s Vision by “Doing what is best for students” by developing a communication tool to provide students and parents with a more effective way to understand student growth and achievement. We believe the information found on this website will help you understand the benefits of a standards-based report card and how to effectively utilize the information provided on your student’s standards-based grade card.

“Learning is an ongoing process and what matters is
how much learning occurs, not when it occurs”
~ Robert Marzano

Why do we use performance levels for the standards instead of grade letters?

Our standards-based reporting system is designed to provide specific information about the skills students are progressing toward mastering.  The student’s progress toward standards will be marked using the mastery scales below. 

Academic Achievement: These standards are considered critical for student success, and specific standard statements help to more CLEARLY DEFINE EXPECTATIONS WHEN reporting academic achievement, teachers will use the following ratings:

Meeting or extending the standard


Progressing toward understanding the standard


Developing an understanding of the standard but experiences difficulty and requires practice and support


Standard has not been introduced and/or assessed


Work Habits and Social Skills are also important for success in school. Teachers will use the following ratings:

Work Skills

  • Follows classroom routines, and school expectations

  • Focused and on task when needed

  • Takes ownership of one’s own learning

  • Completes classwork

  • Completes homework

ConsistentlyStudent displays appropriate learner skills and behaviors


SometimesStudent is progressing; applies appropriate learning skills and behavior some of the time


Seldom or NeverStudent does not apply learning skills and behaviors that lead to success


Social Skills

  • Demonstrates Kindness in both actions and words

  • Accepts responsibility for their actions and choices

  • Works well with others

Report Card Samples